POSTED ON 9 July, 2021

guy wondering how long does scalp micropigmentation lastHair loss is something that many men experience in their lifetimes. Whether it's due to an autoimmune condition, hormonal issues, or something else, follicle loss can lower self-esteem.

Instead of getting fitted for a wig or undergoing a hair transplant, there's an alternative hair loss solution — SMP. Below, you can learn more about this treatment and more importantly the answer to the most common question "How long does scalp micropigmentation last?"

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP is a non-intrusive method for addressing hair loss. Your practitioner will use tiny needles to insert pigment into your scalp. At the end of the treatment, it'll appear that your scalp has hair follicles. This technique will make it look like you have a fuller, thicker head of hair.

If your locks are receding or thinning, our practitioners can provide you with the look of a short, clean cut. The pigment we deposit into your scalp will match your natural hair color, so no one will know you ever had the treatment.

Placing pigments on your scalp can improve the appearance of hair loss caused by:

  • Excessive hairstyling or past treatments
  • Chemotherapy
  • Certain medications and supplements
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medical conditions like ringworm
  • Hereditary factors

Our initial services require two or three sessions with about two weeks in between each sitting. This timing allows us to analyze how well your skin retains the pigment.

You may experience some fading after the first session, but this is normal. The subsequent sessions will address the fading and help create more fullness to guarantee the process will last for the long term.

After these initial two or three sessions, you won't have to come into the office for several years.

Does It Fade Over Time?

Before you invest in this solution, you'll want to learn the answer to the inquiry, "How long does scalp micropigmentation last?"

SMP isn't a permanent treatment — but it is a long-term one. It can last anywhere between four and six years, at which point it'll fade naturally.

Even when these years pass, the treatment's impact will last. But, you'll have to go in for a touch-up session. During the touch-up process, your practitioner will once again add pigmentation to your scalp to renew the full-head-of-hair look.

Preserving Your Treatment

While the pigmentation will fade over time, there are some steps you can take to keep your SMP treatment from fading prematurely.

UV rays from the sun often cause pigmentation to fade away faster. Follow these tips to make your treatment last longer and ward off fading caused by UV light:

  • Avoid tanning beds completely
  • Limit the amount of sun exposure your skin receives
  • Protect your skin with sunscreen containing an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 50 or higher
  • Wear a hat whenever you're exposed to the sun for long periods

Regarding a general care routine, we recommend our clients invest in a reliable moisturizer and avoid excessive sweating.

While you can adhere to the above tips for semi-permanent results, some factors will be outside your control. For example, lighter colors tend to fade faster than darker ones. A person with red or blond hair will need to go in for touch-ups much sooner than someone with brown or black hair.

Other factors can affect how quickly SMP fades. For example, a person with an overactive immune system will notice the SMP results fade faster than someone with a normal immune system.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Differ from Traditional Tattoos?

Some people colloquially refer to SMP as a "hair tattoo" or "scalp tattoo" treatment. While the concepts are similar, SMP and tattoos are quite different:

  1. Needle size: Tattoo needles are much larger than SMP needles.
  2. Depth of skin: A tattoo needle doesn't penetrate as deeply as an SMP one.
  3. Ink: Tattoo ink is often non-organic, irritating, and crazily colored, while the ink for scalp micropigmentation is gentle, natural, and complements your skin.
  4. Technique: Your practitioner will follow dotting and pointillism methods that produce minimal pain on your skin. Tattoo artists use scraping, which invites much more exposure to pain.

It's a relatively painless way to improve your confidence for a long time. Plus, it's maintenance-free until your follow-up visit, which you won't need for several years down the line.

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