POSTED ON 20 August, 2021

is SMP safe?Are you looking for a way to conceal hair loss? Scalp Micropigmentation, or SMP, helps people dealing with hair loss clean up their hairline and rock a short stubble look. 

But one common question is scalp micropigmentation safe? At Eximious SMP Academy, we take our job seriously and ensure a harmless, clean, and comfortable environment for everyone. We've become experts on SMP and can assure you that it's a safe procedure for all our customers.

Just to prove it, we're sharing exactly how SMP works and why it's harmless, so you can feel good about getting this treatment in the future.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

SMP uses tattoo ink to pigment the scalp, similar to permanent makeup. The pigments will look like hair follicles on your scalp when applied during treatment. It will seem like you've simply given the hair follicles a close cut, almost like a military cut.

But how exactly does a scalp micropigmentation safe procedure work, and what should you expect?

The pigment is applied similarly to a tattoo. The barber will use a machine that has a micro-needle to implant pigments. The needle implants the pigment underneath the skin's outer layer. When you look close, it will look like many small dots on the scalp, which imitate real hair follicles and resemble a buzz cut from afar.

However, there are differences between this process and a tattoo, such as:

  • Ingredients of the ink
  • The ink's depth

Traditional tattoo inks shouldn't be used for this particular treatment. The ink our barbers use at Eximious is specially designed for the head's skin. We are also trained to only implant as deep as is harmless to the head, unlike tattoo inks' depth.

Who Should Get Scalp Micropigmentation?

If you struggle with hair loss or baldness, then you will love our ink treatments! Fill in any hair you like, as little or as much as you need. Both male and female clients love the results they get from SMP, and the reactions to our services are overwhelmingly positive.

You don't need to be a fan or advocate of tattooing. People won't even consider you as someone who has tattoos. Our treatments are for anyone who wants to regain their hairline through harmless procedures with realistic results.

Here are some ways an Eximious technician can help:

  • Fill your scalp entirely
  • Fill a bald patch
  • Fill in a receding hairline

The Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

When you get your medical-grade skin treatment done at Eximious Barbershop, you'll enjoy many benefits, including:

  • A highly trained practitioner. At Eximious, we take these procedures very seriously, with safety and quality as our top priorities.
  • Ink dots that look like natural follicles. Forget treatments that don't work or unrealistic-looking solutions. This treatment has a 100% success rate, and clients look great!
  • Permanent. No need to apply creams and treatments to your scalp every morning. Enjoy a permanent solution.
  • More confidence. Always find yourself wearing a hat to hide your hairline? Stop looking for reasons to wear a cap indoors, and enjoy life with the self-esteem you've been missing!

Scalp Micropigmentation - What is a Safe Procedure?

Like a tattoo, scalp micropigmentation is considered safe. The FDA considers SMP ink to be cosmetic and has stated that there is "a lack of evidence" that proves any harmful effects in the ink. So, as long as you visit a professional that's skilled in this treatment, you'll be in good hands.filling in a thinning spot using scalp micropigmentation services

But what does a scalp micropigmentation safe procedure look like?

  • The business should go above and beyond to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • The business should show evidence of high health grades due to cleaned surfaces and equipment
  • The business should also boast experience and offer plenty of photos from previous, satisfied clients.

Every technician at Eximious is a highly trained professional who confidently carries out this low-risk, harmless procedure.

The first thing you'll get during your treatment at Eximious is a high level of hygiene. We follow every safety and sterile protocol diligently. All metals, needles, machines, and gloves are the cleanest you will get in the industry. This means no risk of infection or adverse side effects.

We also do our best to make the experience comfortable. A micro pigmentation scalp procedure is pain-free for most people. However, we will ask about your pain tolerance and check in with you throughout the experience to see if you're feeling any pain. No matter what, we can guarantee this is even less painful than traditional tattooing.

Is a Tattoo Artist Qualified for Micropigmentation?

While similar in nature, scalp micropigmentation and tattoos are very different. Particularly, the method of application, ingredients and safety protocol are all different.

While a tattoo artist could theoretically apply dots to a scalp, this will present many risks such as infection, an allergic reaction, or worse. To avoid these risks, we recommend you visit a well-trained SMP artist like Eximious to perform the treatment.

Eximious isn't a tattoo parlor; we specialize in hair! We compare our process more to permanent makeup and less to tattoos. So you can rest assured that an Eximious SMP practitioner specializes in this specific treatment and know exactly what look you need.

At Eximious, we train and employ only the best SMP artists. Give us a call today or even visit us on site!

Frequently Asked Questions about SMP

Have some more questions about micropigmentation scalp treatment? We have answers!

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Safe?

Some people hear the term "hair micropigmentation" and think it's a different treatment than SMP. However, these are the same thing. No matter which term you prefer, this treatment is 100% safe. Like permanent makeup, there has been no evidence to prove that it is unsafe.

Will I Regret Scalp Micropigmentation?

Our treatments are a natural-looking way to replace each follicle on your scalp you've lost with simply a dot of ink. We do our best to prepare you for the procedure and give you the results you are looking for.

However, if you want to reverse the treatment, this option is possible when you search for a tattoo removal skin dermatologist.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Affect Hair Growth?

Scalp micropigmentation needles will not affect your hair follicles. Also, the needles are only applied to the skin to fill in a bald patch or a receding hairline. You won't need to worry about the inks affecting the rest of your skin.

Does SMP Cause Hair Loss?

SMP does not cause nor prevent further hair loss. Rather, it makes your hair look thicker than it really is. If you are struggling with hair loss, you don't have to worry about this treatment causing further loss.

Scalp Micropigmentation Harmless for Everyone?

If you have a history of skin allergies, there may be some risk of an allergic reaction as the side effects. If you are aware of a possible allergic reaction, do some research on your condition or speak to a practitioner to confirm that you are fine to continue with the procedure.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Have Any Side Effects?

One of the side effects of micropigmentation is fading. If you have extremely dry skin, the pigments may begin to fade. This is not common, but you can always have an extra treatment to fill in faded spots!

It's possible to encounter allergens in the components of the pigments. However, most people experience no symptoms as a result of this treatment, just like a tattoo.

SMP for Hair Loss - Call Eximious Barbershop

We know your head is just begging for the pigments we provide at Eximious Barbershop. So come in for a consultation and check out our services on our website today! 

We are passionate about helping people feel more confident about how they look. So start enjoying how you look and join us for your safe scalp micropigmentation today.